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        Working for Canadian Screenwriters

        The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) is a professional association of more than 2,500 English-language screenwriters. WGC members are the creative force behind Canada’s successful TV shows, movies, and webseries, and their work brings the diversity of Canadian life and culture to the world’s screens.

        The WGC supports Canadian screenwriters through negotiating and administering collective agreements with independent producers and broadcasters to ensure that screenwriters earn fair pay and benefits, and advocates for policies that foster Canadian programming and production. The WGC is also an essential professional hub for screenwriters, bringing them together as a community, and boosting their profile in the industry and beyond.

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        June 2022 Script of the Month

        time to act

        The WGC on Bill C-11


        Writers Talking TV: The Art of Showrunning

        i voted

        IPA 2019-2022 Extended to 2023

        Spencer Levine

        May 2022 Script of the Month


        The winners of the 2022 WGC Screenwriting Awards!

        Jade Stone

        April 2022 Script of the Month

        Natasha Semone Vassell

        March 2022 Script of the Month

        screenwriting awards finalists

        WGC 2022 Screenwriting Awards Finalists

        Bill C-11 the Online Streaming Act

        WGC Statement on Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act


        Op/ed - Hidden in Plain Sight: Disclosing my disability


        December's Script of the Month


        WTTV: Pretty Hard Cases now on YouTube


        WTTV: Pretty Hard Cases set for Dec. 1


        November's Script of the Month


        WGC statement on the appointment of Pablo Rodriguez as Heritage Minister


        Ontario Covid-19 Film & TV industry guidelines updated


        New EDI Membership Report now available


        2022 WGC Awards open for entries


        October's Script of the Month

        Cut To image

        CUT TO:

        In this episode, we CUT TO: three of our 2021 WGC Screenwriting Awards Best Comedy Series nominees, interviewed by 2020's category winner, Jennica Harper (JANN). Listen in as finalists Kayla Lorette (New Eden), Evan Rosen (New Eden) and Winter Tekenos-Levy (Schitt's Creek) discuss their nominated scripts, the fun (or not) of writing during Covid and the evolution of TV comedy in Canada.


        Canadian Screenwriter

        Summer 2021 Issue

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